Sunday, February 14, 2010

A visa, from Russia with love...

Less than 2 months to go... time to start the Visa run!
The Napoleon Hostel I booked in Moscow offered visa support. It was in my inbox in less than 24 hours. The actual provider of the visa support is GetRussian. The process is pretty straight forward, visa support sets you back 24,90 for a service within 24 hours (€29.90 for immediate service) and you are not obliged to book any accomodation in any place you plan to visit and that's what we all want, right? Armed with this and the rest of the supporting documents (a certificate stating that you have a valid health insurance that covers Russia, booking confirmation of the Hotel you are staying - not sure if this was really needed, I had a booking for a hostel in Moscow, not in any other places and that's fine) I went to the Russian embassy in The Hague. They also offer a form that you can fill in online and then print your visa application. Print it, attach a pretty picture of yourself and don't forget to sign it. At the embassy - provided your documents are in order - you pay ( 35 for service in a week, 70 for express service) and take your receipt which is needed to pick up your passport in a weeks time. Make sure you have other travel documents if you plan to catch a flight in that week, some people tend to forget that... ahem. And a week later, voilà:

P.S.: To locate the closest Russian embassy have a look here or at Everbrite's excellent site.

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