Sunday, February 28, 2010

the ultimate transsiberian-russiandiscobalkanbeatboxgypsypunkplaylist

As you may or may not know I will embark on an overland journey from Amsterdam to Shanghai on April 1st. A good trip needs a good soundtrack, so before boarding the train I am doing some research for an appropriate playlist. So here's the deal: You suggest a song and if you convince me to add it to the ultimate transsiberian-russiandiscobalkanbeatboxgypsypunkplaylist you will receive a postcard from some dodgy town in Siberia. Only prerequisite: (A) I have the song in my collection or (B) I can purchase it on iTunes or (C) you provide me with an mp3 version of the song.

The following tracks qualified so far:

Gogol Bordello - Start wearing purple

Named after Russian writer Nikolai Gogol this band must be on every playlist closely related to a country of the former eastern block. enough said.

Boney M - Rasputin

Yes. Boney M.

Dschingis Khan - Moskau

I was twisted whether to chose this one or that one since I am actually doing the transmongolian (see below for the golden rule #1 of mix tapes). I remember dressing up in such clothes and studying the dance with kids from the neighborhood. ridiculous. but hey, I was 11. In the end Moskau made it.

Billy Bragg - The Internationale

A classic. Billy Bragg had to do it one day. And it works.

Shantel - Disko Partizani

Party, party, Partizani!

Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Russian Army Choir - Kalinka

The haircuts alone are a reason to qualify for this playlist!

Kaizer's Orchestra - KGB

Norwegian Kaizers Orchestra, one of the best bands to be witnessed life!

The Beatles - Back in the USSR

The fab four going east.

Lords of the new church - Russian Roulette

who needs chatroulette anyway?

Red Elvises - Cosmonaut Petrov

Russendisko, Vladimir Kaminer style.

WWW - Leningrad

Another Russendisko classic.

Apparatschik - Katja

Russian Volxmusik made in Berlin.

Katzenjammer - A Bar in Amsterdam

A trip needs to start somewhere and mine starts in Amsterdam. I just need to find the right bar.

Ed Harcourt - Shanghai

Not the official Ed Harcourt video apparently, but a slideshow put together by someone featuring his (Shanghai?) nephew. hillarious. Anyway, it's the final destination and hence on the playlist.

Disclaimer: A part of the countries that will be crossed on the way to Shanghai are not famous for the respect they pay to democracy. Some are rather infamous for their lack of it. In the same way this playlist is not a democratic one either. It's a personal one and the dictator has the right to refuse proposals such as this one here for example. And don't you even dare to suggest that one either! Also obey the golden rule #1 of mixtapes: No two songs of one artist! Ever! Deadline for suggestions: March 28, 2010.


shanghai volksplatz said...

well dear axelman, thinking of the political situation in the countries on your way, i suggest you should take White House magic democratic music power with you!
so i vote for this song:
I LIKE IT! and, i'm gonna take you to one anyways once we're in Shanghai, hehe. might even try to get mario and gina over here as well. der guten alten zeiten wegen, wa!
big smile from shanghai

Sophia said...

Firstly, may I say I'm delighted you are off on a new adventure!

Secondly, may I say your cardinal rule is most unfair, considering that you've already got a Billy Bragg song on your list. I mean, you'll be away for months, you've got to listen to more than one mixtape's worth of songs, so surely you're allowed repeats?

This is mainly because my first thought was that you need a song about a train, and Billy Bragg's Train Train sprung to mind. But if your rule stands firm, then I suggest Michelle Shocked, If love was a train.

Sophia said...

Also, I think I should get a postcard from China anyway!