Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ebony Bones rocks your hutong

West to East
Baltika to Tsingtao
Beef stroganoff to gong bao ji ding
Red square to Tiananmen square
Roubles to Rinminbi
Lenin to Mao
Moscow to Beijing
Na'zdrowje to Ganbei
Blini to Dim sum
Vodka Baikal to Vodka Chinggis Khan
Spasiba to Baialala
Kak dila to Ni hao

It was a wicked trip!

Arriving in Beijing, being greeted by a "vodka train" sign and right
off to a place where Ebony Bones rocks your Hutong. The whole place
was exploding. Imagine it's 1977, punk rock is born and you were right
there! That's what it felt like. Sweat dripping from the ceiling. The
crowd dancing and jumping like there was no tomorrow. Ebony Bones
cover "another brick in the wall" and the Chinese crowd goes mad. They
play Iggy's "now I wanna be your dog" and the place goes absolutely
ballistic. I am so happy that I start to cry. The best things are
happening in places where they are least expected. It was a wild
night. We head out into a warm Beijing night, laughing about
shanghai-wa vs. Beijing-wa in a cab with a chinese girl speaking with
an austrian accent, headed for the white rabbit, back to the hood
where Ben Sherman is always on sale and shots need to be tasted. A night to remember...

 Pet Conspiracy
 Pet Conspiracy
 Ebony Bones
 Ebony Bones
 Ebony Bones
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