Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Electricity matters

Plugs can be different. And who travels nowadays without a camera, an mp3 player, a phone (or a laptop, an e-book reader etc.) If you want to know if your device from Djibouti would work in Mongolia (it should actually, can anyone confirm?) you should check out this site. Or that one here. Or this one. Namibian phones should have no issues with charging in Nepal accordingly. These two are the plugs that will join me on my trip:

and they should fit all the long way from the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Land of Dschingis Khan without an adapter.  Also, they accept voltages from 100 - 240V and 50 - 60 Hz. Chinese outlets are different, but I suppose in China an adapter can be found or it can be fixed some other way. The good thing is that the iPhone charger doubles as a USB adapter, so any PC should do the job. The Canon battery charger can switch cables, so maybe I can get hold of one there... If it doesn't fit I'll make it fit!

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